Why choose a smart swimming pool?

16/12/2019 | Pratique

Home automation has revolutionised automated management of the home by bringing comfort, security and communication. Now, home automation is also possible for the swimming pool! It can automate, programme and manage different types of equipment remotely. While water treatment, analyses, checks, maintenance as well as lighting and robotic pool cleaners are now all managed remotely!

But how does the smart and connected swimming pool work?

These are the basic principles:

  • Install the controller on the pool's distribution panel
  • Have Wi-Fi access
  • Download the application from the App Store or Google Play

The controller is connected in the pool room so that it can collect and transmit data (water temperature, titration status, pH level of water, amount of products used up, etc.) to your smartphone. That’s it. It couldn’t be simpler, right?

What are the advantages of a smart swimming pool?

The ‘hi-tech’ aspect is certainly is very attractive but, above all, this type of smart installation for the pool simplifies your life while bringing you a number of advantages:

1 – Remote management

You can see the data for your water in real time. This type of management is even more interesting for second home owners or pool specialists who have to manage a large number of pools.

2 - Automatic maintenance

You no longer need to bother about adding the correct amounts or doing complicated calculations. Everything is done automatically: from performing analyses, measuring the amounts of products and checking and monitoring that the level of maintenance products is not too low.

3 – Time saving

You save valuable time because the smart pool device takes care of everything. For professionals, this reduces your visits to a strict minimum.

4 - Water quality

Ynéom’s many parameters for analysing and continuously checking the water is the best way to deal with one of the main concerns of swimming pool owners: water purity.

5 – Energy savings

With the smart and connected swimming pool, everything is accurately calculated to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure: this includes the filtration system, your pool’s consumption of water and cleaning product.

Notre conseil : Si vous devez vous équiper, Our advice: Before you buy equipment, call on a professional, he will be able to advise you and help you find a system that is effective and easy to install! The Ynblue controller from Ynéom has the competitive advantage of being extremely simple to assemble and connect. Learn more