Opening your swimming pool in spring

19/02/2020 | Pratique


Préparer sa piscine pour le printemps !

Ynéom will guide you in opening your swimming pool in time for spring. You may have noticed that temperatures are rather mild in Var and Alpes Maritimes. This may be tempting you to take your first dive or jump into the swimming pool sooner than expected; Global warming is helping! So, take care!

Opening your swimming pool after an active winterising with YnBlue

Active winterising the swimming pool simply involves reducing the filtration periods to 2 or 3 hours per day during the winter period. Obviously, with a device which manages this automatically and remotely, you have nothing to worry about, or at least very little. With Ynblue, all you have to do is configure the parameters from your smartphone in the autumn. This way, the water is always clear and clean, the filtration is managed automatically and the products adding sparingly. In just one click, you can see the state of your water and you are alerted if a product is running low.

As soon as the water temperature rises to between 12°C and 15°C, YnBlue will automatically detect the change in season and will switch back to its summer programme.

Nevertheless, your pool maintenance specialist is still your trusted ally. Before it's time for you to jump into the pool, he can check your entire facility, check the pump, the filters and associated equipment, clean specific areas of the pool or supply you with any products. It is clearly better to avoid the risk of not being able to use the swimming pool due to damaged equipment. Furthermore, your pool specialist can also connect to your pool via YnBlue, for your total peace of mind.

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Opening your swimming pool after a passive winterisation

If you opted for a passive winterisation, make sure you check the critical parameters when you open your swimming pool in spring!

Preparing for the swimming season!

If the weather is warmer than usual for the season, the water in the swimming pool can quickly reach temperatures where algae can grow. If you notice this is happening, then you will have to pay for additional water treatments. Clearly, it is better to be prepared and get your swimming pool up and running in good time. In our view, the best time to open your swimming pool is between April and May. Yet, you will have to wait a few weeks before the pool is perfect for swimming.

Spring-cleaning your pool

After a passive winterisation, the pool water is generally dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleaned: this involves treating the water, cleaning the pool and checking the pool's equipment before it can be used again. Try to avoid emptying the pool completely, as this can be very expensive. However, if you treat the pool with stabilised chlorine, it is recommended to partially empty the pool so that one third of the water remains. This is to minimise the chlorine residues.

Setting up an automated management system

Whether you choose passive or active winterisation for your swimming pool, you can manage your swimming pool in automated smart mode to be completely free of problems. The YnBlue device very accurately measures the amounts for you so that you can quickly purify the water for the season and without worrying about the pH level, filtration or not having crystal clear water. You will perhaps be interested to learn that our company, Ynéom can include many features in your application such as managing your robotic pool cleaner, lighting, water temperature, etc.

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