Ynéom attends the 4t Business RCT CCIV

12/02/2020 | News

Ynéom participated in the RCT CCIV business round tables!


For the fourth consecutive year The Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised the Business Meeting concept evening with the RCT Business Club! The event took place on 11 February 2020 at the Palais du Commerce et de la Mer in Toulon. The aim of the meeting is conceptual It is about gathering together the networks of all the partners in one place, in order to develop synergies and encourage future collaboration.

Ynéom, and in this case, its director, Yann Cottreau, joined in this business event. He observed the effectiveness of the programming of the round tables. Ynéom was therefore able to make new business contacts.

Yann presented YnBLue, the most complete remote automated pool management device via an application on his smartphone. A good opportunity to generate new interest in our connected object. But also, to get known, to talk about how YnBlue can be adapted and to expand our network. Indeed, several round tables resulted in interesting discussions with professionals across business sectors.

Ynéom would like to thank the organisers and all the companies from Var which it met on this occasion. Ynéom’s team is always available to discuss, explain or present our smart swimming pool device.

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